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Going Paperless: for Earth Day!

April 22, 2010, is Earth Day, and there has been a movement afoot this year for teachers to go paperless for the entire day. I signed up to be paperless and have a day of indoor and outdoor activities for my students scheduled. The whole process of becoming paperless has been an adventure for me and I’m excited about the nearly 1,500 teachers worldwide who have also made the pledge to go paperless for one day.

In the spirit of Earth Day, Dean Mantz created a podcast with LiveBinders, Steve Katz, and myself to discuss the concepts behind going paperless and some of the challenges teachers and administrators may face when making the transition. I am very thankful to Dean and the people at LiveBinders for the opportunity to join in the conversation – it was energizing for me and my efforts to make the transition in my classroom complete!

Click to listen to the podcast.