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Thoughts at the Start of Summer

Vicki Davis, who writes the Cool Cat Teacher blog, has some really good points in her recent article entitled “School Daze – Recovering Teacher Within”. I recommend reading it as one of your first steps in becoming focused this summer.

The article brought to mind my own feelings during the last summer I had after my last year of teaching in a classroom. Vicki hits the nail on the head when she talks about that 4-6 week daze. It was a time when I needed to just vegetate and let everything from the last year diffuse from my brain and into the past.

I also started thinking about how excited I would be by the time the end of the summer came along – excited about new ideas I had for my classroom, excited about seeing my teacher friends and hearing about all that they had done over the summer.

Whether you are the adventuring type or the stay-at-home-reading-books type, be true to yourself this summer. Take Vicki’s advice and LIVE!