Coffee update from DENSI 2014

Yes, everywhere I go at DENSI, folks talk about the infamous Tim Childers and his coffee habit. Little do they know that I am the queen of coffee. My husband and I spend nearly as much on coffee each month as we spend on our car payments. When I’m traveling, i’m always looking for that perfect coffee shop, preferably not Starbucks. At one time, though, I was mayor (on Foursquare) of three different Starbucks in the DFW area as well as a little coffee shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I’ve been trying to kick the habit, but still enjoy my morning coffee.

Because of this, I have been in search of coffee shops within walking distance of Vanderbilt. I thought I’d share what I have found here so that other coffee lovers like myself and Tim can check them out. 

1. Of course, everyone wants Starbucks. The scoop on Vanderbilt Starbucks is that there is one in the Barnes and Noble which is less than a block away, but if you keep walking, you will find a real Starbucks right next door to the Barnes and Noble. This brings to mind the original Shrek movie when everyone scrambled out of the Starbucks when Shrek walked in and they ran across the street to another Starbucks. I won’t critique their coffee because everyone knows Starbucks.

2. My second day in Nashville I had to try Atmalogy.Atmalogy is located next to Chili’s, which is across the street from the dorms. According to their website, the term means “the finding of one’s true self.” Atmalogy is a funky space within a large converted house. They serve coffee along with healthy sandwiches, wraps, and other small snacks. The service is a little slow, as it often is with local coffee shops, but the atmosphere within the shop is worth slowing down a bit. Each room of the house has been decorated into really cool spaces to gather and talk with friends. One space doesn’t allow shoes, another has one of those cool hanging egg chairs in it. Atmalogy also offers classes in guitar and philosophical talking groups. The coffee itself was okay – I don’t believe they roast their own, but it was good. Note to my fellow soy lovers – they don’t have soy, but they do have almond and coconut milk. I love almond almost as much as soy, so this was okay with me!

3. At lunch Sunday, Pam Inabinett, first-timer Audra Barton, and I decided to take a little walk to Cafe Coco. This is a longer walk, but still very doable. Cafe Coco is open 24 hours, which is convenient for DENSI attendees. They have a coffee shop, sandwiches and pastries up front in the converted house. Around back is a small bar which also offers the same menu as up front. This is important to know when there are lines, which according to Foursquare there always are. When we went, there were no lines and we sat outside in the patio area (which has electrical outlets!) and enjoyed a really nice lunch. I went back in to sample the coffee and my iced soy latte was really good – their coffee has a nice flavor to it.

Let me know if you find a great spot!

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