TCEA Day 2: Discovery pre-con and good conversation

Today I spent the morning and part of the afternoon at the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum for the Discovery Education pre-con. The group I was in started our day with the keynote speaker, Dr. Lodge McCammon, who talked to us, showed us some of his videos, and led us in two video creation activities which were truly engaging and gave us useful experience with a strategy to use in our classrooms.

Of special interest to me was Dr. McCammon’s video “No Lecture in the Classroom” which was entertaining and made several good points. The first video we made was a “paper slide” video to the tune of one of Dr. McCammon’s science-themed songs. You can see the results HERE.

My favorite video was the music video we made, and Dr. McCammon is hosting a contest to see which of our videos will be voted the best. You can watch the videos HERE, then vote at the bottom of the page once you have decided which is best. I was in the Brown group (shameless plug). Anyway . . .

The cool thing about both of the videos we made is this – when I had my students create videos in my classroom, it was always one video per group. These videos were produced as one video for the entire class, with the groups each being responsible for one part of the video. It seems to me that this not only made it a much quicker process, but also would encourage higher quality from students, who would feel that they need to do their best in order to make their classroom video the best that it can be.

After the pre-conference, I attended the TCEA Golden Apple Awards ceremony. There were several very deserving individuals in that room and I was happy to be there to cheer them all on. My friend, Andrea Keller, was a finalist in the Teacher of the Year category! It was awesome to see her accomplishments rewarded.

The best part of the evening was joining an eclectic group of educators for dinner at Mulberry, followed by great coffee at the Hideout Theater on Congress. The staff was very gracious and allowed our small group to stay past closing, not rushing our conversation. I would highly encourage anyone visiting Austin to pay them a visit.

Tomorrow begins the conference in full swing. I’ll be part of a panel at 10:00 in room 19B. The session is entitled “Moving into the Metaverse: Education in Virtual Worlds.” I’ll be joining Valerie Hill and Mary Miner for this session.


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