What was that again?

I spent the day with a group of educators in Tyler, Texas, at an event called Podstock Pineywoods. This day was a miniature of the bigger Podstock which is an annual event in Kansas, created and hosted by Kevin Honeycutt.

I’m sure a few hours on a Friday cannot compare to the bigger event, but I truly value everything I learned today. It was a two-hour drive to get there, but it was so worth it. I’m not going to go into all the new tools I have in my digital toolbelt, but let’s just say that I added several new bookmarks to check out later!

As is my practice after a full day of learning, I reflected all the way home. Several cars had to drive off the road because my reflections were shining in their eyes, but . . .

Okay, seriously – I did a lot of thinking. The first thing I thought was this:

I am in such a good mood.

Naturally, I had to wonder what put me in such a good mood? That was a no-brainer:

I learned so much today.

It wasn’t just the learning, it was the refresher course I received on how to feel good about the work I do. It was the reminder of the passion that all of us as educators need to feel to continue our work. It was the smiles and oohs and ahhhs from all the educators as Kevin expertly took us on a journey with him from his own beginnings to the day before us.

The refresher did something else for me. It reminded me of all the things I’ve learned and forgotten. (okay, obviously not everything or else I would totally understand again the life cycle of a star, and what an erg second is, and how to do trigonometry . . .) But it did remind me that there are technology tools and codes that I have at one time known a lot about, but have since forgotten.

In his keynote speech, Kevin said that we have to get kids to “learn to love learning”. I do love learning, but somewhere along the line I forgot to remember what I learned.

My big takeaway today then? A renewed passion to learn more, to teach more . . . and to revisit things I’ve forgotten – just in case the relearning might turn up a hidden treasure useful for creativity.


One response to “What was that again?

  1. You have GOT to go to the one in Kansas.. but I so agree with you! Podstock is about the continued learning.. and the knowledge that you are doing exciting things!

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