Our teacher is learning with us . . .

I’m not in the classroom this year, so I have an opportunity to see many classrooms in action and visit with students. Yesterday, I was walking down the hall and a former student stopped to say hi to me. I talked to her about her science class this year. She is taking Forensics. This class is in its first year at our school and several of my Chemistry students last year signed up for it.

I asked her how she was liking it and she said, “I think it’s going to be cool. Our teacher is learning with us.”

I was delivering webcams to students who are taking an online communication applications course and found that the next room I was visiting was . . . Forensics, so I headed that way.

When I walked into the room, I saw several of my former students listening to the teacher, who stopped and came over to visit with me. Among other things, he said “we’re figuring this out together.”

I absolutely love it when I hear things like this from students and teachers. The idea that a teacher can be comfortable enough to invite students to join him in a year of discovery is refreshing. So often, teachers are afraid to admit to their students that they don’t know everything. Students are quick to recognize that their teachers really don’t know everything, so when we try to convince them we do, we lose our credibility.

I’m really looking forward to watching the Forensics class this year. With a really good teacher and students who are interested in the adventure, I think I’ll see a lot of great things!


One response to “Our teacher is learning with us . . .

  1. That was me the year I took over multimedia. We all learned together, and I truly believe my students taught me more than I taught them.

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