Reflections: Blog Challenge

Lee Kolbert, who is a blogger, STAR Discovery Educator, a Discovery Educator Network Guru, co-host of Palm Breeze Cafe (an EdTech television show) and great teacher, wrote a guest blogger article for the blog, Teacher Tech, where she challenged bloggers to take a look at their last 15 articles to determine where their blog is headed. I read the article and decided to take the challenge.

When I first started Cruel Shoes, my intention was that it would be a blog for and about teachers who are in their first years of teaching. I wanted it to be a place where some of the truths about teaching could be revealed so that new teachers would go into their classrooms with their eyes open and not be disillusioned by what they found there – so that they might stay in the profession.

I enjoyed writing about these truths, but trying to come up with interesting philosophical articles about the first years of being a teacher turned out to me more difficult than I thought. My blog evolved into more of a blog about educational philosophy in general, as well as a showcase for tech tools and tips that I learn as I journey through my teaching experience.

When I did the review of my last 15 blog entries, I found that seven of them had to do with my current crusade – Going Paperless. Four had to do with something specific to new teachers, although most of those could have some information for all teachers. Two of the posts were nothing but commentary – my take on an educational issue. One specifically talked about technology tools.

My blog has taken on an eclectic nature, which is logical considering that it is being written by me. I can’t say that I’m disappointed that my blog has evolved – I’m excited about the possibilities, and unlike the title of my blog, I’m feeling quite comfortable with how it fits.


One response to “Reflections: Blog Challenge

  1. Hi Elaine,
    I just saw this now. Thanks for that awesome introduction and thanks for taking on the challenge. I think it would be very hard to stick to one particular theme for a blog; although that may be why lots of people have more than one. It seems natural that blogs like yours and mine would just reflect what’s going on at the moment. I think that helps make your blog so interesting. It definitely has your voice!

    Great post!

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