Thoughts at the Start of Summer

Vicki Davis, who writes the Cool Cat Teacher blog, has some really good points in her recent article entitled “School Daze – Recovering Teacher Within”. I recommend reading it as one of your first steps in becoming focused this summer.

The article brought to mind my own feelings during the last summer I had after my last year of teaching in a classroom. Vicki hits the nail on the head when she talks about that 4-6 week daze. It was a time when I needed to just vegetate and let everything from the last year diffuse from my brain and into the past.

I also started thinking about how excited I would be by the time the end of the summer came along – excited about new ideas I had for my classroom, excited about seeing my teacher friends and hearing about all that they had done over the summer.

Whether you are the adventuring type or the stay-at-home-reading-books type, be true to yourself this summer. Take Vicki’s advice and LIVE!


One response to “Thoughts at the Start of Summer

  1. Thank you for the link and sharing your thoughts about getting ready for summer. I’ll be excited by the time school starts too but right now just want to recover!

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