I’m It! The 7 Things Meme

I watched the 7 things meme running about the eduverse and wondered if I would get tagged. I wondered if I wanted to get tagged. I wondered what I’d say if I were tagged. Well, thanks to Jen Dorman (cliotech), I’m it, so here goes. First, I’ll add the obligatory explanation for those of you who have never heard of the 7 things meme, then I’ll blurt as is often my practice, seven things about myself. Because I am writing this as fast as possible without thinking, I am likely to learn something about myself in the process.

Participants in the online community affectionately known as the “Eduverse” have begun “tagging” fellow members to invite them to post a list of “7 Little-Known Facts” about themselves to their blog. On sites such as Twitter and Plurk, members of the Eduverse PLN (professional learning network or personal learning network) are reaching out to each other to go deeper than the ordinary, professional issues to reveal more personal information.
Here are the rules for this game:
• Link your original tagger(s), and list these rules on your blog.
• Share seven facts about yourself in the post – some random, some weird.
• Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
• Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs and/or Twitter.

Seven Things About Me:

1. I learned to read and do simple addition and subtraction before I started kindergarten. Back then, kindergarten was a half day of coloring and learning how to make X’s and stars. I was dreadfully bored but thankfully there was one other girl like me in the class and my teacher, although she must have been about a hundred years old, was forward-thinking enough to pair us together for some differentiated learning.

2. I was 42 years old before I ever saw an ocean. Some people in the eduverse already know this because they were on the trip with me. I always found it a little ironic when I was teaching Oceanography that I’d never been to the ocean. It was a little sad that I had to have my students tell me what it was like.

3. I was in a high school marching band that played at President Reagan’s first inaugural parade. No matter what your politics, getting to march down Pennsylvania Avenue is quite an experience. The people who get to do so in 2009 have a doubly special experience ahead of them, don’t they?

4.  I met my husband on the internet. Two people who are least likely to be hanging out in chat rooms were hanging out in a chat room one night and figured out they had something in common. Two years of driving 400 miles each way up and down I-35 followed. I moved to Texas in 2004, we got married, and it’s the best decision I ever made!

5. My youngest son is a cancer survivor. I was a single parent with three children when he was diagnosed shortly after his first birthday. The year that followed developed me into the person I am today. It was a life changing experience for all of us who were touched by Nathan’s fight. He’s 8 now, and officially labeled “cancer free.” Hallelujah!


6. I have never decided what I want to be when I grow up. I never stay happy at a job, even when it seems to be well suited to me. My passion is for teaching people, but I don’t like being in a classroom every day. Another passion is for writing, but I just can’t seem to finish any of the books I’ve started. Something in my genes makes me an unfinisher (I have the right to make up words, it’s my 7 things!). If I could do anything in the world for the rest of my life, it would be to take classes in whatever subjects amused me, travel whenever I felt like it, and write when inspired.

7. This one is probably going to be a shocker. I’m to be commissioned as a Stephen Minister on Sunday, January 18. It’s been a wonderful experience, going through the training. I have learned a lot about myself and about how I interact with others. I have become frightened at the prospect of my upcoming ministry and the responsibilities I’ll potentially have for someone else’s well-being. I guess it must be one of those “physician heal thyself” things. I’ve had lots of counseling in my life, now it’s my turn to pay it forward.

Tagging (I’ve had to get creative, as I’m supposed to tag people who haven’t already posted a 7 things article – or at least they haven’t added themselves to the wiki):

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Justin Karkow


9 responses to “I’m It! The 7 Things Meme

  1. I just finished my 7 Things meme post also, and I love reading them. Our PLN is a very diverse group with many similarities of thought on the importance of education and the benefits of technology and collaboration.

    Surviving cancer is a family effort, and I am glad your son remains cancer free. It sounds as if your life is good.

    I enjoy from you and the other colleagues of our Professional Learning Network.

  2. Life is good! It’s precious! It has been fun, hasn’t it, reading all the posts. It was a good meme.

  3. I’m impressed by all 7 things, and yes, I would guess that your son’s survival would reshape your life. Was wondering what a Stephen ministry is.

  4. It’s amazing to reflect on what circumstances has made us who we are today. The good, the bad and the ugly. Even Bad and Ugly shape us into Amazing, sometimes.

    I had really get on writing mine now. You tagged 3 of the people I was planning on tagging. I don’t know anyone else! 😉

  5. Hey! Did I need to say no tag backs or something? I tagged you on January 5th. http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/fred_delventhal1/2009/01/05/7-things-meme-riptide-raw-and-exposed/

    Congrats on your ordination tomorrow!

  6. WOW! This is great info. I appreciate you sharing this with us, Elaine.

    Thanks for the tag. I posted my meme reply at http://clifmims.com/blog/archives/1662.

    All the best,

  7. Rip, I’m so sorry – I never saw the tag. You didn’t put yourself on the wiki! I tried really hard not to tag anyone who wasn’t on the wiki!

    Lee, I’ll look forward to reading yours. Good luck on finding 7 people to tag!

    RJ, A Stephen Ministry is sort of like a counseling service. I’ll meet with someone once a week to listen to whatever they want to talk about. http://www.stephenministries.org

    Clif, well I guess if it was me pushing you over the edge to get the post done, I’m glad to be of service! Good post!

  8. It was great learning more about you! I am impressed with the strength and perserverence you have to go through all that you have. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. It has been a really wonderful thing this 7 things meme. It has made me think about the things in others lives that have shaped who they are. Thank you for sharing yours. Good luck on your journey!!

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