Blogging from NECC 2008

I am very passionate about technology and its usefulness in the classroom. I do believe it can be used too much, but if used properly it can be the best experience for both teachers and student. That said, I am heavily involved in organizations that promote the use of technology in the classroom.

As a member of ISTE (International Society for Technology Educators), I had the opportunity to present a session this morning at the annual NECC (National Educator’s Computing Conference). It was a great experience! Our topic was “Creating a Personal Learning Network in Second Life.”

As I, along with a panel of five other presenters, did our thing, I watched the crowd of over 100 education professionals (and there were 20 or so watching via Ustream), and was reminded, once again of the power of collaboration and networking.

I say this is off topic because it is a post that is more reflective than informative for new teachers. However, as with most things I write about, I can find the cross-over. Here is is …..

If you are going to survive in teaching, you need a network.

Whether you get it with real-life interactions in a group of like-minded educators, online in a webinar, or in Second Life – you need to use the resources you have available to you in the “seasoned” teachers you can find if you look past your room.

I’ll be blogging during this week from NECC. Don’t worry, the Big Questions and Teaching Truths haven’t gone away, they are just on hiatus while I’m doing my thing! Stay tuned!


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